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Vehicle Wraps

What is a “Wrap?”  Essentially it is adhesive vinyl film, whether printed or un-printed applied to a surface covering the original finish condition giving it a new appearance.  Wraps are more commonly associated with vehicles, but wall wraps, boat wraps, floor wraps, window wraps, plane wraps, building wraps, train wraps are all possible with right materials and the right company.  For you that company is WrapCity Vinyl.
WrapCity Vinyl has been wrapping since 2004.  We have wrapped just about every common vehicle type from cars to vans, trucks to trailers, busses and boats, shuttles and trains, no planes or helicopters yet though.  Because of the effectiveness and popularity of vehicle wraps, a lot of companies have tried to get into the market. The problem with this is, wrapping a vehicle is not something you can just jump into. It takes time, training, patience, more time and more training and more patience.  Using the wrong materials and the wrong installation techniques can not only damage your vehicle, but often times the material and installation can actually start failing within a few short months.  Here at WrapCity Vinyl we use only Avery or 3M high performance vinyls w/ matching overlaminate spcecifically engineered for vehicle wrapping.  We get ultra vivid color from our Mimaki solvent printer and our new eco-friendly HP latex printer.   Our professional installation team will take the time to prep properly and lay it down smooth and wrinkle free with a keen eye for the details for a “paint-like” finish.  We can design it, print it and wrap it to give your company a fresh new look allowing you to promote your business everywhere you drive with eye catching vehicle graphics.  Think of it, your very own mobile billboard, great for job sites, stuck in traffic, making deliveries, traveling out of town, or just heading home from work.  Where ever you go, your brand goes with you marketing all the way 365 days of the year.
WrapCity Vinyl provides a true turnkey management and production service from consulation, design, print to installation.  Long or short term single vehicle wrap or multi-vehicle fleet wraps for ad campaigns or large companies, full color dynamic print on the highest quality vinyl will put your vehicle or fleet ahead of the crowd.  Local or nationwide installation, your vision and your budget are the determining factors of how far your message can go.

Its what we do...

Full Wraps or Partial Wraps

-Maybe you don’t need a full wrap when a partial will do.  Either way we can design a creative graphic to get you branded and get you noticed where ever you go.  

Fleet Wraps

-According to a recent survey by the American Trucking association, a delivery vehicle generates about 16 million impressions in a single year.  As one of the best sources of advertising, your fleet's advertising can produce as many as 200 impressions per mile in the city. No other form of advertising can match the reach and frequency - or the cost per impression - of mobile advertising. 

Color Wraps

-Wrapping is just not for serious business, it can be for fun too.  Tired of seeing your car 100x a day?  Wrap it with colored vinyl for custom look.  The possibilities are endless from matte to metallic colors, textured to carbon fiber and CHROME colors too!  You can wrap just the hood or roof, add stripes or flames.   All without repainting and destroying your car’s value.

There isn't an industry or business that can't benefit from a wrap or some sort of vehicle branding graphics. Call WrapCity Vinyl today to see how we can help you and your company tap into the enormous potential of vehicle branding.