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Canvas Prints

Transform your favorite photo, graphic design or artwork into a beautiful work of fine art printed on canvas. Prints can be produced rolled or stretched on frames ready to display in your home, office or business establishment creating your very own art gallery. Once you receive your print, if you are artistically inclie, you could add hand painted embellishments and accents to further enhance the value of your one of a kind artwork.

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Prints on Canvas

-Perfect for rising artist to produce short run quantities for resale.  Just sign and number- limited run masterpieces ready for purchase.
-Finish prints can be mounted or strecthed on  ¾” or 1 ½” wood frames as wide as 54" and extra long length.  Call for size queries.
-Economically revive any bland space, room or wall by hanging multiple prints to create your own personal art gallery or exhibit hall.