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Backlit Graphics

Illuminate your graphics and give your advertising the special attention it deserves. Vivid full color illuminated graphics (sometimes called backlit prints) on special semi-translucent vinyl paired with an LED light box/panel combine to produce undeniable radiant displays to be seen whether day or night. We can produce LED light panel displays for a mom and pop coffee shop or a 1,000 piece corporate roll-out complete with graphics and light panels.

Its what we do...

Menu Boards

-Make your food items visually irresistable to your patrons with bright full color graphics on backlit panels. Great large food chaing restaraunts and small restaraunts who want the food chain appeal.

Retail/ Environment Displays

-Add instant pop to any graphic by printing on backlit vinyl to generate a dynamic impact. Perfect for malls, retail stores, businesses, lobbies, airport displays or theaters. Directional kiosks and promotional displays.

Tradeshow Display

-Draw prospective clients in with stunning and surprisingly rich illuminated graphics. Let them know you are a serious contender with a serious presentation.

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