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How soon can I get my car/truck wrapped?

Wraps can be produced and installed as within a weeks time with pre-designed print ready graphics or as little as 2 weeks from design conception, printing to installation with all conditions working in order. In either case our workload and installer availabilty will all have to be coordinated. Once the graphic is printed the vehicl Installation can take up to 8 hours or 2 days if needed.

What is the "wrap" made of?

It is essentially a big sticker. Your design is digitally printed on premium brand vinyl film with a sticky back. Combined with a protective clear over-laminate your wrap will be protected against direct contact with the print and warranted for 3-5 years against harmful UV rays that can fade graphic color. When applied to your vehicle it will be instantly transformed into a mobile billboard. 

Will the vinyl installation damage my vehicle's paint?

 The wrap will not damage most original paint jobs when installed correctly. Custom paint or older vehicles may experience slight damage to the clearcoat when graphic is removed. Installation waivers must be signed on aftermarket paint jobs.

How much does a graphic cost?

Depending on the type of vehicle and extent of graphic coverage, a graphic may cost $2500-$4500 for a Full Wrap. Half Wraps: $1250-$2500 Logos: $200-$1000.

Can I wash it?

Sure, hand washing with a mild detergnent like dish soap at least once a week is recommended to prolong the life of the graphic. It is highly suggested that you do not use a pressure hoses that may lift edges and void your warranty.

What happens if I am in an accident?

In the case of a wrap being damaged due to an accident or whatever, the cost of reprinting and replacing the graphic is based on a per square foot cost of the damaged area to be repaired.

Can I see through the windows?

We use a special vinyl film called window perf, with small holes that allows visibility from inside the vehicle while maintaining continuous graphic clarity on the outside.  We typically laminate window perf installed on vehicles to allow for maximum visibility in rainy weather. Typical life expectancy of window perf is usually 1.5 to 2 years before it starts to show signs of aging.

We are not in Atlanta or Columbus, can you install where we are?

Yes, we would have meetings with you over the phone and all images and mockups are placed on our "clients-only" section. We can install anywhere in the country using a network of installers at our disposal.

How long will a wrap last?

Vehicle wraps if maintained properly will look good for 4-5 years. However, there are stipulations to surface exposures that will ultimately determine the life expectancy of your wrap.  Vertical surfaces are waranted for 4-5 because they incur less direct sunlight than horizontal surfaces.  Horizontal surfaces typically start to show signs of harsh direct sunlight around year three and may be recommended to be replaced.  To offset this 3M has developed a special laminate capable of extending the life cycle of horizontal wrap applications to 7-8 years. Yes it does cost more.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the primary major credit cards Visa and MasterCard. Of course we accept cash and checks as well as paypal.  In the near future, we will be offering financing through a third party as an option, so stay tuned or check back often.